Massage Therapy


Board Approved Curriculum Providers

The following is a list of board approved massage therapist apprenticeship curriculum providers.

  • Kelcee Dinehart | Courtney Taylor
    • No information available
  • Vicki Nielson
    • No information available
  • Utah Massage Apprentice Curriculum and Syllabus 
    • Created by: Jennifer Brunt
    • Email:
    • Ph. (801)787-8597
  • Approved Massage Apprenticeship Curriculum
    • Created by: Nancy Carter
    • Email:
    • (801)597-6653
  • Utah Massage Curriculum & Mentoring (Spa Ninjas)
    • Created by Katherine Bell
    • Email:
    • Ph. (801)385-292-7575
  • Hello Wellness Bodyworks
    • Created by: Sharla Hopkins
    • Email:
    • Ph. (801)252-6630
In accordance with Utah Code 58-47b-304(1)(n)(i) the following is a list of recognized industry organizations:
  • American Foot Zonology Practitioners Association (AFZPA)
  • American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB)
  • Brain Integration Institute
  • Butterfly Expressions, LLC
  • Enlighten Foot Zone Academy
  • Reflexology Association of America (RAA)
  • Society of Ortho-Bionomy International (SOBI)
  • Utah Foot Zone Association
  • Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy
  • We Do Feet Seminars

For more information on recognized industry organizations, please contact us at