Controlled Substance Database


Elimination of DATA-Waiver Program

A DATA-Waiver registration is no longer required to treat patients with buprenorphine for opioid use disorder. For more information about the elimination of the DATA-Waiver requirement, please refer to this document: DOPL Notice of Elimination of DATA-Waiver Program

Utah's Controlled Substance Database Program (CSD) is a resource that assists prescribing practitioners and pharmacists in providing efficient care for their patients and customers usage of controlled substances.

The Utah Controlled Substance Database Program was legislatively created and put into effect on July 1, 1995. The CSD collects data on the dispensing of Schedule II-V drugs from all retail, institutional, and outpatient hospital pharmacies, and in-state/out-of-state mail order pharmacies. The data is disseminated to authorized individuals and used to identify potential cases of drug over-utilization, misuse, and over-prescribing of controlled substances throughout the state.

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