Security Companies and Guards

Criminal History Guidelines

Disclaimer: The Division uses this matrix simply as a starting point in making its licensing or disciplinary decisions, and therefore it is provided only for general informational and guidance purposes. Every applicant and licensee is unique, with individual circumstances that may involve aggravating or mitigating or other factors, including patterns of conduct that may affect any final decision. Please consult your attorney if you have questions.


Proceed with Application

Requires Manager Review & Possible Interview

Licensure Prohibited

Charge0-12 mo.13-48 mo.5-10 yrs>10 yrs
Abuse or Neglect of a Child with a DisabilityReviewReviewReviewReview
Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation of a Vulnerable AdultReviewReviewReviewReview
Alcohol Restricted DriverIssueIssueIssueIssue
Animal CrueltyReviewReviewReviewReview
Aggravated ArsonDenyDenyDenyDeny
Assault by a PrisonerReviewReviewReviewReview
Aggravated AssaultReviewReviewReviewReview
Assault Against Police Officer/Military/Health Care Provider/EMSReviewReviewReviewReview
Aggravated BurglaryDenyDenyDenyDeny
Burglary of a VehicleReviewIssueIssueIssue
Bus HijackingDenyDenyDenyDeny
Child AbuseReviewReviewReviewReview
Communications FraudReviewIssueIssueIssue
Contributing to the Delinquency of a MinorIssueIssueIssueIssue
Criminal Mischief or Criminal Mischief Intentional Damage of PropertyIssueIssueIssueIssue
Criminal TrespassReviewIssueIssueIssue
Custodial InterferenceIssueIssueIssueIssue
Damage to or Interruption of a Communication DeviceReviewIssueIssueIssue
Deal in Harmful Material to a MinorReviewReviewReviewReview
Disarming a Peace OfficerDenyDenyDenyDeny
Discharging Firearms and Hurling Missiles into Buses and TerminalsReviewReviewReviewReview
Disorderly Conduct/ Continuing After Request to StopIssueIssueIssueIssue
Distribution of an Intimate ImageReviewIssueIssueIssue
Distribution/Offer/Arrange Distribution of Controlled SubstanceReviewReviewReviewReview
Domestic ViolenceReviewReviewReviewIssue
Domestic Violence in the Presence of a ChildReviewReviewReviewIssue
Drive With Measurable Amounts IssueIssueIssueIssue
DUI (Drive Under the Influence)IssueIssueIssueIssue
Electronic Communication HarassmentReviewReviewIssueIssue
Endangerment of a Child or Vulnerable AdultDenyDenyDenyDeny
Enticing a Minor Over the InternetReviewReviewIssueIssue
Exploitation of Prostitution - AggravatedDenyDenyDenyDeny
Extortion or Bribery to Dismiss Criminal ProceedingsDenyDenyDenyDeny
Failure to Stop at Command of Law EnforcementReviewReviewIssueIssue
False Personal Info to Peace OfficerIssueIssueIssueIssue
Criminal Homicide:
Aggravated MurderDenyDenyDenyDeny
Automobile HomicideDenyDenyDenyDeny
Child Abuse HomicideDenyDenyDenyDeny
Homicide by AssaultReviewReviewReviewReview
Negligent HomicideReviewReviewReviewReview
Human Trafficking/SmugglingDenyDenyDenyDeny
Impaired Driving IssueIssueIssueIssue
Impersonating an OfficerReviewReviewReviewReview
Interference with Public ServantReviewReviewIssueIssue
Intoxication/Public Intoxication IssueIssueIssueIssue
Items Prohibited Correctional/Mental Health Facilities ReviewReviewReviewReview
"Joyriding" Unauthorized Control for Extended Time IssueIssueIssueIssue
Kidnapping/Child Kidnapping/Aggravated KidnappingDenyDenyDenyDeny
Obstruction of JusticeReviewReviewIssueIssue
Open Container/ Drinking Alcohol in a VehicleIssueIssueIssueIssue
Patronizing a ProstituteIssueIssueIssueIssue
Possession of Forged Writing or Device for WritingReviewReviewReviewReview
Possession of MarijuanaIssueIssueIssueIssue
Possession With Intent to DistributeDenyDenyDenyDeny
Possession/Use of Controlled Substance ReviewReviewIssueIssue
Production/Transfer False IdentificationDenyDenyDenyDeny
Protective Order Entered/ViolationReviewReviewReviewReview
Purchase/Possession/Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor IssueIssueIssueIssue
Purchase/Possession/Transfer/ Use of a Firearm by a Restricted PersonDenyDenyDenyDeny
Rape of a ChildDenyDenyDenyDeny
Object RapeDenyDenyDenyDeny
Reckless Driving/ Alcohol Related Reckless Driving IssueIssueIssueIssue
Retail TheftReviewIssueIssueIssue
Retaliation Against a Witness, Victim, or InformantReviewReviewReviewReview
Securities FraudReviewReviewReviewReview
Sexual Abuse of a ChildDenyDenyDenyDeny
Sexual Abuse of a Minor (14-16 year old)ReviewReviewIssueIssue
Forcible Sex AbuseDenyDenyDenyDeny
Aggravated Sexual AssaultDenyDenyDenyDeny
Sexual BatteryReviewReviewIssueIssue
Sexual Exploitation of a MinorDenyDenyDenyDeny
Sexual Exploitation of a Vulnerable AdultReviewReviewReviewReview
Forcible Sodomy DenyDenyDenyDeny
Sodomy on a ChildDenyDenyDenyDeny
Tampering with EvidenceReviewReviewReviewReview
Tampering with or Retaliation Against a JurorReviewReviewReviewReview
Tampering with a WitnessReviewReviewReviewReview
Theft or Theft of ServicesReviewIssueIssueIssue
Threat of TerrorismReviewReviewReviewReview
Unlawful Acquisition/Possession/ Use of Financial CardReviewReviewReviewReview
Unlawful DetentionReviewReviewIssueIssue
Unlawful Discharge of a FirearmReviewReviewReviewReview
Unlawful Sexual Activity with a MinorReviewReviewReviewIssue
Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a 16 or 17 Year OldReviewReviewIssueIssue
Use/Possession of ParaphernaliaIssueIssueIssueIssue
** Non Substance-Related Traffic Offenses (ex: Parking, Speeding, Unsecured Load, Failure to Signal, Etc.)IssueIssueIssueIssue
** Other Misdemeanor Charges Not Listed Above (ex: Littering, Dog at Large, Fishing Without a License, Etc.)IssueIssueIssueIssue
** Any Other Crime if on the Sex Offender RegistryReviewReviewReviewReview
** 2nd and 3rd Degree Felony Charges (Any Charge)DenyDenyDenyDeny
** 1st Degree or Capital Felony (Any Charge)DenyDenyDenyDeny