Elevator Mechanic

Exam Information

Applicants for the Utah Elevator Mechanic License, who hold a current certification from a registered apprenticeship program for elevator mechanics (NAEC, CET, NEIEP, or CEEP), are not required to take an exam before applying.  Applicants without a certificate from a registered apprenticeship program may apply by experience.  Candidates applying by experience must meet the following requirements:

  1. Document at least 6,000 hours of supervised training by a licensed elevator contractor or an employer meeting similar qualification in jurisdictions where licensure is not required.  (Note: Any training hours from more than ten years prior to the application date will not be accepted.  Training must be obtained while working as an employee.)
    – AND –
  2. Pass the Utah Elevator Mechanic Examination with a score of 75% or higher.  For more information on this exam, please see the Examination Handbook .

To Schedule an Exam:

  • Create an account at https://provexam.com/scheduler/ .  You have the option to take this exam at most college and university testing centers in Utah and throughout the US.
  • Out-of-State Testing:  Contact Prov directly to make testing arrangements.  The phone number is 877-228-3926.
  • At-Home Testing:  You also have the option of using an on-line proctoring test platform known as Examroom. To verify your computer equipment will run Examroom, please use this system check tool prior to registering for your exam: On-Line Proctoring System Check .

If you have any additional QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, or COMPLAINTS that you are not able to address with the Exam Administrator mentioned above, you may contact doplexams@utah.gov.