Internationally-Trained Applicant Credentialing Program

Eligible DOPL Professions

SB 43 (2022) and HB 58 (2024) expanded the Utah Department of Commerce's authority to issue licenses to qualified professionals with international training or education. Implementing these changes requires months of collaboration with boards, educators, and other stakeholders. However, several professions already offer a pathway to licensure for internationally trained professionals. If you were educated or trained outside the U.S. in any of the following professions, please refer to the profession's webpage linked below to see if you qualify under the existing pathways:

DOPL is currently engaging with boards and stakeholders in the professions listed below to create new pathways to licensure for internationally-trained professionals. When changes are made, the new pathway will be listed in the corresponding profession webpage. If you are interested in these new pathways, we encourage you to fill out the contact form.

        • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
        • Electricians
        • Engineering
        • Dentistry
        • Massage Therapy
        • Nursing
        • Physicians and Surgeons
        • Veterinary

If your profession is not listed above, please know that DOPL is committed to reducing unnecessary barriers in your profession and will review all state-regulated professional licenses to identify and reduce barriers posed to internationally trained professionals. Professions are prioritized primarily by the amount of interest from the community. Filling out the contact form helps inform us what to research next. 

Other Eligible Professions

SB 35 (2023) helps remove barriers to professional licensing for qualified professionals with international training/education in professions regulated by the following agencies: 

  • The Department of Agriculture and Food, 
  • The Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission within the Department of Cultural and Community Engagement, 
  • The Department of Commerce's Division of Professional Licensing, 
  • The Department of Environmental Quality, 
  • The Department of Health and Human Services, 
  • The Utah State Office of Rehabilitation within the Department of Workforce Services, 
  • The Labor Commission, 
  • The State Board of Education, 
  • The Department of Transportation. 

Utah’s pioneering legislation made exciting changes to our laws and regulations, and staff across Utah have been working hard and will continue to work in the coming weeks, months, and years to develop the exact, step-by-step pathway for each profession. Prospective applicants to these professions should contact the corresponding agency. Be advised that processing times to determine if applicants meet the criteria may take longer than Utah’s typical wait times.