Apply for a General Contractor License

Military Resources: If you are a military member or military spouse, please review our Military Resources page before applying.

If you are currently licensed as an Contractor in a state, territory, or district of the United States you may qualify for licensure by endorsement. Click here for additional information.

The following are the general contractor classifications:

  • B100 General Contractor
  • R100 Residential/Small Commercial Contractor
  • E100 General Engineering Contractor
  • P200 General Plumbing Contractor
  • P201 Residential Plumbing Contractor
  • E200 General Electrical Contractor
  • E201 Residential Electrical Contractor

The following requirements must be met:

  • All of the same requirements for Specialty Contractor License PLUS the following:
  • Experience Requirement.  Two (2) years of experience in the construction industry.  This experience must be at least 4,000 hours (or 2 years) of paid work experience at any time in your life in the construction industry. You must self-certify that you have this experience. The other ways to satisfy the experience requirement (pick one):
    • Qualifier on current or previous Utah Contractor License for at least 2 years
    • Construction Management Degree (2 or 4 year Degree)
    • Licensed Utah Professional Engineer
    • Passed NASCLA Examination for Commercial General Building Contractors
  • Exam Requirement.  One of the following:
    • Utah Business & Law Exam: Apply directly with the authorized exam provider.  To register for exam or find more information, go to Exam Tab in the Menu.  Submit fees for the exam directly to the exam provider.  Provide a copy of your test results with this application.  Do not submit your application until you have passed the exam.
    • One (1) year of licensed experience working in another State, District or Territory of the U.S. in the similar scope of practice sought in Utah if the license is currently active and in good standing.
    • Qualifier on Utah Contractor License prior to May 9, 2017
  • Plumbing Contractors. Must have Master Plumber qualifier.
  • Electrical Contractors. Must have Master Electrical qualifier.
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